What was once thought a distant idea, is now reality. It began when members Tony Hajjar and Mike Zarin were writing music for film trailers and they realized they had created a sound that needed a life outside of that medium.

It needed a band. Fast forward through some phone calls and drinks: Troy Van Leeuwen was in. The trio met and wrote an EP within the first several sessions, but were still in need of the right vocalist. Upon first listen, Troy Sanders understood the vision and flew to Los Angeles to write and record vocals on the spot.

Introducing, Gone Is Gone.

Latest Release


Craig Jennings

Matt Ash

Stuart Gili-Ross

Xavier Candelaria


Black Dune Records
Rise Records (world ex. Aus/NZ)
Cooking Vinyl (Aus/NZ)


Michael Moses – BWR PR (USA)
Louise Mayne – We Care A Lot PR (UK)
Janine Marcos – (Aus/NZ)


Nelly Liger-Edinger & Steph Van Spronson – The Noise Cartel (UK)


North America: Don Muller